Monday, November 16, 2009

The Box: one of the worst movies ever

Filmgoers are rating The Box, the new film starring Cameron Diaz, as one of the worst movies ever made. All of which is something of a sadness for while any star is allowed a few clunkers truly appalling films can have a deadening effect on a career.
CAMERON DIAZ has made one of the worst films in history, according to moviegoers.

In the last decade, only three flicks have had audience feedback as scathing as her new release The Box, say the company who monitor fan reaction to Hollywood movies.

CinemaScore compile Friday-night audience ratings for new releases, asking US cinema-goers to grade them. An A is said to signal a long life with a C described as "pretty much a death sentence".

The Box - written and directed by Donnie Darko's RICHARD KELLY - scored an F.

The plot also seems to bring back echoes of a much older tale. Diaz is told that if she presses the button on a mysterious box then she'll get a million dollars. Then all sorts of appalling things start to happen.

Sigh, this was first done in Greek mythology with Pandora's box and of course the last thing which comes out of the box is hope, which makes everything bearable.

Can't anyone come up with a new plot these days?

Monday, June 25, 2007

Who is Katie Holmes?

If you want to find out more about Katie Holmes then I've got good news for you.

There's a site that has information on Katie Holmes' marriage to Tom cruise, facts and information about them and the baby, Suri.

There are also photos, news stories and even video stories about Katie Holmes.

If you're into celebrity news and even gossip, then it's a muse see site for you.

Sunday, June 17, 2007

Cutting the laddies

Yes, the laddies, not the ladies, for we know that female circumcision is an abomination.

No, the question is, is circumcising males a good idea or not? It certainly leads to fewer STDs being passed around.

It also leads to lower sensitivity for the man. But, well, is that in itself a bad idea?

Click through to see how the argument over circumcision pans out.

Thursday, May 31, 2007

Beer in Cascais

If you're looking for somewhere pleasant for a drink or two in Cascais then you'll want to check out the Beefeater.

It's the British Pub in Cascais and has all the things you'd associate with that. Yes, of course they serve a full fry up for breakfast, yes, of course they have draught and bottled beers and ciders. More than that though, they're also Cascais' Sports Bar, with large screen TVs and the relevant satellite equipment.

They've even got multiple screens, so the soccer can be shown in one room and the proper football in another.

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Lindsey Lohan: Hot or Not?

Well, according to Maxim, hot:

Lindsay Lohan took top honors from Maxim magazine this year, landing at the top of their 100 hottest woman in the world list. Lindsay Lohan may be a Hollywood wild child and that's part of the reason the Georgia Rule star got to the top of the Maxim list, but it didn't help another pair of Hollywood tabloid queens, as Paris Hilton and Britney Spears couldn't make even the top hundred from Maxim. Lindsay Lohan took the top spot from Eva Longoria, the winner last year who slipped to ninth place this year. Lindsay Lohan debuted at number two in 2005 and slid down a spot to number three last year. It looks like all she needed was a little rehab to climb to the top spot.

Maxim's editor-in-chief, Jimmy Jellinik, unveiled the list yesterday morning on The Howard Stern Show and released a statement, in which he said, "There is no other star in the world that causes more of a stir in the public eye than Lindsay. Her every move is watched and reported on."

Certainly, I wouldn't kisk her out of bed, but hottest woman in hte world? Give me a break. It's because she's famous.

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Sheryl Crowe Climate Change Tour

Right, so you're worried about global warming, yes? So, what do you do?

Yes, that's right, pile everyone into a few busses and drive around the US:

Singer Sheryl Crow began a bus tour of U.S. colleges to raise awareness about global warming on Monday, one of several high-profile celebrities to take up the cause of climate change.

Crow, a Grammy award winning singer/songwriter, will speak about the issue and sing at the college stops.

"I am here because the more I learn about global warming the more I feel compelled to do something in my own way whatever that is," she told reporters at Southern Methodist University in Dallas as the tour began.

Accompanied by global warming activist Laurie David, Crow is traveling in a biodiesel-powered bus to university campuses with a final stop in Washington for Earth Day on April 22.

That bio-diesel takes more emissions to make than it saves just adds to hte irony.