Saturday, June 11, 2005

Internet Entrepreneur

Just in case you were wondering how happy a man looks after he has made his fortune on the web, try looking at this page or a real life internet entrepreneur. Fascinating work he has done and no doubt pots of money made from it.

Washingtonienne Photos.

You may remember the blogger known as Washingtonienne. She was an intern on Capitol Hill with a penchant for having sex with those she worked with. With, as she said, her being paid for doing so.

After she had started her blog (called Washingtonienne, to hide her name) and started to tell everyone this it only took ten days or so for people to work out who she was. She was thus fired amongst a huge scandal.

This might have been the end of a career, you might think, but it merely led to another one. First she was hired to write a novel, probably a thinly disguised version of her adventures, then asked to do a photo shoot for Playboy. These photos from Playboy have, of course, ended up on the net.

So if you would like to see, in all its glory, just what it was that she was charging for, have a look at the Washingtonienne photos from Playboy over here.