Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Sheryl Crowe Climate Change Tour

Right, so you're worried about global warming, yes? So, what do you do?

Yes, that's right, pile everyone into a few busses and drive around the US:

Singer Sheryl Crow began a bus tour of U.S. colleges to raise awareness about global warming on Monday, one of several high-profile celebrities to take up the cause of climate change.

Crow, a Grammy award winning singer/songwriter, will speak about the issue and sing at the college stops.

"I am here because the more I learn about global warming the more I feel compelled to do something in my own way whatever that is," she told reporters at Southern Methodist University in Dallas as the tour began.

Accompanied by global warming activist Laurie David, Crow is traveling in a biodiesel-powered bus to university campuses with a final stop in Washington for Earth Day on April 22.

That bio-diesel takes more emissions to make than it saves just adds to hte irony.